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roll up and revel at the incredible local oasis that is misfits. where sharp suits and colourful redfern locals come together, celebrating exactly who they are and living in the moment. unleash your inner misfit - you're in good company here.

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Misfits mingle

follow the neon glow, strut past our 60s icon twiggy mural, and boogie to a chic soundtrack as you ascend to the world of misfits: a dazzling mix of locals and explorers, all here for a heady rush of retro glamour, redfern style. claim a plush booth by the bar, snuggle up to the cocktail lounge's sizzling fireplace, or mingle in the glasshouse courtyard amidst lush greenery.

summon a mixologist to whip up your go-to cocktail or choose from our rotating selection of 20+ craft beers. fancy a wine detour? explore our list, flaunting local gems and vibrant acts with funky notes, all crowned by a glittering array of champagnes and pét-nats to spark the soirée. nibble at our tempting snacks or feast on our casual yet creative bar & dining menu. better yet, get up and let the dj move you to the beat. at misfits, you're the maestro (or indeed, maestra!): make your moment.

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turn up the dial on your next do! get inspired by our events offering, then reach out and let
our misfits crew craft a bash that's perfect for you.

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jackie daniels trivia

jackie daniels trivia

strap on your stilettos and get ready to head upstairs to misfits; we guarantee this is the best trivia you will go to.

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